Intercontinental Singapore, a Beautiful Palace-Like Hotel with Luxurious Facilities

Intercontinental Singapore is a hotel with a classic-style building and lots of open space to enjoy the sights of Singapore. If you are doing a staycation, this place with a palace-like building will be perfect for a classic-style vacation. Here is some information about one of the best staycation Singapore.

Intercontinental Singapore

Comfortable Lobby

When you arrive at the lobby, you will see a comfortable atmosphere and soft sofas to sit on. Enjoying the beautiful view from the window can be a fun plan if you don’t have any idea during the staycation. Don’t worry; you’ll be able to easily plan where to go and which parts of Singapore you haven’t visited yet. This hotel always provides friendly service, so this area is also open to visitors.

Excellent Scenery from Your Room

In the room, you will see a classic-style window with two sides which if opened will make the atmosphere more comfortable. At night, you can see the view from behind the window when you open it. While drinking tea, you will feel a comfortable sensation. Not only that, but you can also invite the closest people to spend time together in the room.

Not only views that are easily accessed from inside the room, but you will also be more comfortable working at your desk and work chair. In the room, there is a work desk that is suitable for you to use if during this vacation you still have to bring various tasks to complete. Not only for workers, but you can also study or hold virtual meetings during class lectures or appointments.

Playing Area for Kids

If you are doing a staycation with children, then you can choose this hotel. There are lots of toys such as slides, campers, and other playgrounds. Children can play comfortably in this place. They won’t be bored either. It can anticipate if your travel plans are delayed, for example, due to rain.

Fitness Center

Want to be healthier on vacation? You can do fitness in the available places. The hotel has a gym area that will keep visitors healthy during their stay. You can maintain fitness here with high-tech and comfortable equipment.

Swimming Area

If you like swimming, then Intercontinental Singapore is the right place for a staycation. Because during the day, you can swim in this comfortable swimming pool, where the water is clear and the space is also large. So, you can enjoy your vacation time comfortably without any distractions.

You can also sunbathe around the pool or do simple games with the children or friends on vacation. Of course, this moment will be enjoyable under the clear sky of Singapore. Yes, Singapore is famous for its cleanliness with low pollution levels. So, this can be the best plan for a meaningful vacation.

So, are you interested in staying at Intercontinental Singapore? If yes, then make sure to bring a family member who loves holidays. Because they will like the building and also the facilities that you can get there. Booking hotel soon!