Fullerton Bay Hotel for the Best Business Deals and Culinary Experiences

Fullerton Bay Hotel is undoubtedly one of the best hotels in Singapore that offer a beautiful view of Marina Bay and the Singapore skyline at the same time. Here, most guests are business people. They can access Central Business District at ease, while they can enjoy a relaxing moment. What’s more, they still can use business facilities, handle meetings and events with comprehensive packages.

Fullerton Bay Hotel

Fullerton Bay Hotel Makes All Business Related Matters Easier

Conference rooms here vary. Safron room is for 12 guests. You can enjoy exclusive business facilities and also having dinner after the meeting. Another room option is the more private conference site, The Lookout.

Sits nicely at the Customs House, this place is not only for meetings but also for dining in which it accommodates six persons. The view of Marina Bay and the Central Business District adds the charm for any occasion like anniversaries, birthdays, business dinners, or wedding proposals.

Endless Menus for Pampering Anyone’s Taste

There is no need to travel around the world to enjoy the most mouthwatering cuisines worldwide. It is as simple as having dinner at the Clifford Pier. This restaurant is the best one for serving the massive culinary culture of Singapore.

Menus include Western and Chinese, as well as Peranakan and Malay. Dinner buffet is the most special moment here every weekend, though The Clifford Pier is also the most favorite place for business people to have brunch here, thanks to the wonderful taste of dim sum and afternoon tea.

Yet, this restaurant hosts the Gin Parlor which offers more than 160 gins labels worldwide. Drinking with tonic or in a cocktail will add the real dining experience.

Fullerton Bay Hotel also has La Brasserie which charms with its vintage French setting with the modern style. The beautiful bay sparkling waters through its giant windows make the dining experience more perfect. For sure, everyone can find the best wine and a wonderful buffet menu. This restaurant also serves breakfast.

Don’t worry. Enjoying the nightlife here is more than just fun. Bars here are the most favorite ones in the city. Try the Lantern rooftop bar that offers the great skyline and Marina Bay panoramas. Guests can sit nearby the giant lap pool while having perfectly served wines, cocktails, and snacks.

Another favorite bar is the Landing Point. This indoor spot still offers the best view of the bay, while guests can enjoy the afternoon tea along with delectable Asian menus and made-to-order cocktails. The best thing about this bar is its settings that enhance the beauty of mosaics of marble, with gold hues that stretch along with the old and new wings.

With all of those facilities, Fullerton Bay Hotel is undoubtedly one of the best cheap hotels in Singapore that everyone should give a try. Business people who want to finish their business deals shouldn’t worry about the available facilities around, as they still can have a relaxing time at any of those restaurants and bars with business partners or loved ones.